I'm a Dutch guy living in Berlin since September 2017. I have over 6 years of experience as a freelance software developer and (technical) product manager. Primarily in the fields of software development, growth marketing, product management and UI / UX.

I'm a social person who likes to work in teams, and am well used to working in SCRUM / agile environments. I'm a good communicator, both verbal and written. Especially since I know how it's like to be non-technical.

Projects I've worked on:

BankGiro Loterij Winweken

BankGiro Loterij

As a full-stack developer, I was responsible for implementing several campaigns for the largest lottery in the Netherlands using Python / Flask.

Python Flask Javascript jQuery HTML / CSS XML (API) Docker AWS (Opsworks)

Buzzly website


As a full-stack developer at a startup I was responsible for front-end in React + Node.js and backend in Python + Django.

React Node.js Javascript (ES6) Python Django Heroku

Lycka website


As a growth developer, I was responsible for migrating the existing webshop from Wordpress to Shopify. I also integrated various analytics funnels & reporting.

HTML / CSS Javascript jQuery Google Analytics Mixpanel Hotjar Shopify

WineClub app


As a technical product manager & full-stack developer at a startup, I was responsible for all decisions regarding product and our full technology stack (App + Web).

React React Native Node.js Javascript (ES6) Python Django Product Management UI / UX Mixpanel Optimizely

KPMG true value


As a consultant, I coached internal teams on business model canvas, lean startup & product design. One team I coached, True Value, is now a KPMG offering.

Lean startup Business model canvas Customer validation canvas Design sprints



As a backend API developer, I worked on the Python / Django API at KPN digital engine. KPN is the largest telco in the Netherlands.

Python Django Django Rest Framework XML JSON

ZonnePanelen Delen (WeShareSolar)


As a backend API developer, I was responsible for the WeShareSolar API that powers their iOS app.

Python Django Django Rest Framework JSON Swagger Technical writing

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